Internet Meme History

The Root of Misinformation at the Center of Meme Culture There was an article that came out a few years ago at The Verge that I didn’t get an opportunity to formally respond to about the history of Know Your Meme. I was contacted by the writer, Kaitlyn Tiffany, a few hours before the article was published and after it had already been written. The story was a long exposé that took weeks to put together and, in part, was meant to shine a light on certain strikingly large and obvious events that occurred surrounding the departure of Kenyatta Cheese,


On Humanwire

The idea for Humanwire came to me like an epiphany one day while walking on the boardwalk in Beirut, Lebanon. Lebanon is a small country on the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by Syria and Israel. It’s famous for being “in the middle” of the wars of others. My wife was from Lebanon and her entire family is of Syrian descent. Thus my son is half-Syrian and we visited the region regularly.


Opening Up Media

This audio is about how and why Rocketboom came to be. It did not come along for any business, or famo, it was designed to help usher in the democratization of the moving image. Austin 1990 – 2000 Ellen Bartel, Allison Defrees, Luke Savisky, Steve Moore, Movemnets Gallery, Orchestra on film performance (Century Plant), See Also: Graham Reynolds (Golden Arm Trio), Sxip Shirey New York City 2000-2003 Parsons School of Design and Technology, NYC Subway Machine, Daniel Rozen, Bitforms, Zack Lieberman, Golan Levin, Elevator Box Internet 1997 – 2003 Napster,, BoingBoing, Dave Winer, RSS, Ev Williams,, First University



I last updated my portfolio 15years ago. Decided to spiffy it up for 2021. We’re almost there. See Portfolio here: See also:


The Principal Post

I was so glad to finally tell my story about Humanwire to The Principal Post. If you are not familiar with their model, have a look, they are designed to give people a fair chance to tell their story. I can not tell you how excited I was to learn that such a group exists, the world needs this in a big way.


First University Blog

In 2003 I pitched the idea of publishing a blog to New School’s Parsons. “Ok.”, said Sven Travis. I invited Josh Kinberg, Alison Lewis and Frank-Yu Lin. We started posting on November 11, 2003. I believe it was the first university blog in the U.S. if not the world. It takes some effort but you can find all the posts via and on the way back machine. See: Juliaset on the Wayback Machine


Twitter Down Art

10 Years later and we’re still waiting. See the original Twitter Down Art Collection from 2008 at


The Butterfly Effect: 250 Humanwire Students Enter Public School

Today we celebrate the successful entrance of 250 Syrian students into the public school system in Lebanon. Humanwire’s brick-and-mortar Butterfly Effect in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon prepares children to enter school for the first time in their lives. Continue reading The Butterfly Effect: 250 Humanwire Students Enter Public School

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