Humanwire/Personal Update

Friday was a big turning point in my life. I spent two years working on an incredible humanitarian effort called Humanwire. I started with an idea and it quickly grew to help some of the most persecuted people in the world providing direct financial assistance, health, education and love through a unique peer to peer platform.

Based on various misunderstood factors, I was accused of converting over $130,000 from the very refugees I was working so hard to help. Humanwire was forced to stop for a government investigation. I should and could have done better.

Forensic accountants followed every single penny – checked and double checked – to find that more money went out the door towards the causes than ever came in. I worked with little to no salary save my austere living expenses for two years. As the overhead factor and accounting became clear to everyone, and even as the theft charges were dropped, I also strived to pay for losses created by unexpected hurdles in this humanitarian effort. I should have better anticipated some of the difficulties this type of international effort would entail.

I am so sad and disappointed that some people were let down. For my part, I was wearing too many hats and the growth of the company outpaced my ability to bring on sincere partners and members to scale the company up. If I could go back, I would slow things down, get better advice, do better record-keeping, and seek out partners who were better than myself at wearing those hats I was wearing out of necessity.

People who used the Humanwire platform to its fullest potential changed the world for thousands of people and their future generations which should have an exponential positive effect for our world.

From the inception of an idea to the platform it became, in two short years Humanwire hosts and donors literally saved people’s lives, got people asylum, found work and education, became like family members for people who had nothing and nowhere to go. Displaced human beings were touched with one-to-one, personalized support. I believe this will be a blueprint for others to help the otherwise helpless.

Perhaps most impactful through Humanwire was the establishment of a brick and mortar school which helped hundreds of children enter the formal public education system where otherwise they would have grown up without any education at all.

My skill set is identifying a solution for a cultural problem, building the solution from scratch, testing it on the market, and making it a success. Whatever I do next, I promise I will continue to grow, learn from this experience and follow my heart