Lisa Blue Baron

I had some things I needed to get off my chest about the tactics Lisa Blue uses to harm people in life for her own self gain. I hope this information is useful for others who may find themselves being harmed or potentially harmed by her. She also goes by Lisa Baron and Lisa Blue Baron. She is a “lawyer” in Dallas, Texas. Life is short and it’s a shame we have people like her in our world who do so much damage to others – including interfering with people’s entire lives – for her own selfish short gain.

If you are involved in a conflict or lawsuit with her in someway, I believe you will become her victim outside of the court. I believe she will actively attempt to interfere in your life in ways unrelated to the lawsuit and she will use illegal methods, as she does with me and others who have reported on it. Be careful. The best way to catch her is to set a trap. You can see what she has done to me in my life below. The reason why this thread has not been taken down from a cease and desist is because it’s true.

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