The StoryMen Podcast: On Refugees with Andrew Baron of Humanwire

“Andrew Baron, co-founder and CEO of Humanwire gives us an inside look at the global refugee crisis. Humanwire is his innovative solution to connect real people on both sides – those who want to help and those who need it. PLUS, the StoryMen adopt a refugee family. Listen for details on how you can join … Continue reading The StoryMen Podcast: On Refugees with Andrew Baron of Humanwire



Sumaiyyah (20) fled Myanmar with her family in August of 1995 at the age of just three months. One of over a hundred-and-fifty-thousand refugees from Myanmar (Burma) inside of Malaysia, Sumaiyyah is confined by tight laws restricting her ability to work, attend public school or move freely around the country. She said she yearns to travel but has lived her entire life stateless with no country willing to accept her as a citizen. Education is extremely important to Sumaiyyah. She has achieved the equivalent of a secondary school education provided by a local non-profit and helps to engage her three


The State of Ello

The State of Ello Yesterday I saw the three founders of Ello speak here in Boulder at the ATLAS Institute on the CU Campus: Paul Budnitz (CEO), Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr (Designers). They spent about an hour going over the history of Ello and explained where they are today. They revealed many key points about their thinking which I had been wondering about. I’ll touch on the points that really stuck out. From… View On WordPress


The Death, Destruction & Rebirth of the Online Video Industry

I wrote a post for Tubefilter about the online video economy today. In the article I argue that YouTube has demolished the video CPM to become little more than a social media content platform, and it’s not the right stage for other types of content, like Breaking Bad for example. What if Breaking Bad – a TV original – was released on YouTube? Do you think it would have become as impactful and influential to mainstream culture, or as big of a monetary success story? I don’t. Not at all. Check out the article to read more, it’s been getting


George Bush on 9/11 Video

Being in NYC, on most years, Rocketboom has done something to commemorate the 9/11 attacks. On September 11th, 2007, we uploaded a video of George Bush being told that a second plane had hit the second World Trade Center tower. You might of seen a segment before, there is slow-mo version that is typically shown. In time, this one has gone on to gain over 700,000 views and is notable for the amount of comments it has received, over 4000. Almost every day, we receive a comment on this video. Personally, this video has become a big part of my

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